Security Risk Analysis, Fraud Investigations, and Education

The Rechel Group, Inc. is a leading risk consulting business providing organizations with fraud risk analysis, fraud prevention, detection and investigation services . By providing organizations a comprehensive strategy to prevent fraud, The Rechel Group works with their clients to maximize their performance, while reducing their exposure to unexpected losses. We are headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, and can be reached at 513-521-1860, or via email by clicking on the "Contact Us" on the left side of this web page.

With a significant percentage of business failures attributable to fraud, and surveys revealing that fraud occurs in 95% of all American companies, organizations of every size find themselves at risk. The Rechel Group utilizes consulting , training, and investigative services to assist their clients in dealing with these risks.

Services Available

Fraud Investigation Coordination

At the time an organization uncovers evidence of a loss due to an internal or external fruad, the immediate response is critical in containing further losses, dealing with personnel matters, insurance claims, litigation, and operational issues of the firm. The Rechel Group has assisted Fortune 100 companies and neighborhood hardware stores in dealing with all of the issues relating to operational losses. Experts in the field of responding to these situations with clear and cutomized strategies, the Rechel Group is a leader in the field of managing investigative crisis.

Some of the matters The Rechel Group has successfully resolved include:

  • $25 million mortgage fraud involving more than three hundred subjects and witnesses
  • $6.9 million international wire fraud / embezzlement scheme
  • $9.8 million embezzlement scheme
  • $12 million loan fraud scheme

Robbery Risk Security Analysis

Provides clients with a comprehensive analysis of their existing operations and controls, and an evaluation of their effectiveness. This analysis includes the review and evaluation of the operational and managerial processes of the organization. Recommendations for new controls and processes are customized to each client.

And because all risks cannot be eliminated, The Rechel Group provides clients with professional investigative services. Based on a history of successful investigations involving national and international matters, The Rechel Group can assist any size organization.

Recent testimonials sum up the service mantra for the Rechel Group:

Having suffered through two robberies, this Credit Union called us for help. This is what they had to say at the conclusion of our efforts:

"Thanks for the job you did with the Physical Risk Assessment. It was exactly what we were looking for. We truly appreciate the in-depth research you performed, on-site and off. Your recommendations are very practical and we will put most, if not all, into effect very soon. Thank you for being patient with us and responding to all of our questions. We will certainly give you a call when we need another risk analysis." - Midwestern Credit Union, March 2006

"I’d recommend Jim to any financial institution needing a physical risk assessment. He did an outstanding job! He pointed out the things we were doing right and gave several beneficial recommendations. He thoroughly evaluated and researched each site and provided practical solutions to address each area of exposure. He was great to work with and he clearly knows what he is doing." - Midwestern Credit Union, March 2006

Training and Education

Fraud prevention involves all components of an organization. Utilizing the results of the fraud risk analysis, which provides information on an organization's internal controls, operational structure, employee training, and communications. The Rechel Group makes recommendations regarding fraud prevention systems, training, and organizational enhancements to encourage the early detection of fraud occurences.

Jim Rechel is a Certified Financial Security Officer, CFSO, and is on the Board or a member of the Institute of Criminal Justice Education -ICJE, Inc, American Society of Industrial Security, American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, and the past president of the Ohio chapter of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators, IAFCI.

Fraud Investigations

A simple computer entry that seemed like an error, turns into a much more serious fraud loss. The Rechel Group has assisted thousands of companies in effectively responding to fraudulent activities threatening their organizations.

Utilizing the experience of over 15 years investigating and responding to fraud, The Rechel Group will develop and investigation strategy centered on minimizing on-going losses, while conducting the investigation to preserve future assets, and any insurance or bonding claims. Follow-up includes a comprehensive report to aid in litigation and detailed measures to prevent future occurrences.

Managing Fraud: From the Inside Out

A recent survey of 459 businesses indicated that fraud attributable to insiders was present in more than 75% of all of the businesses surveyed. This is a 20% increase from the previous survey conducted in 1998. It's a finding endorsed by Jim Rechel, President and founder of The Rechel Group, Inc. "All too often the focus of reducing fraud is solely focused on external threats, while other recent surveys indicate that 60% of all fraud comes from the inside.

Managing Fraud: From the Inside Out highlights the perils, the prevention steps, and the response options available to organizations today to combat fraud on the inside. No organization is immune. Internal fraud costs financial institutions billions of dollars each year, and 13% of all Suspicious Activity Reports in 2003 were filed due to embezzlement. A recent report from the FDIC indicates that 71% of the of the financial institutions which failed were because of internal fraud.

Often, the basic elements of internal controls necessary to prevent these types of losses are simple and easy to implement. The 90 minute conference presentation will cover fundamental controls pertaining to: management responsibilities, policies and procedures, tip lines and communications, as well as audit and insurance issues. You will receive practical and current information for you and your organization.